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Steward Tips 3 Ring Binder with CD-ROM

These lessons, developed by Pastor Mark Fogarty, will reveal a Biblical plan that will educate and empower people to give offerings on a consistent basis to the local church. An excellent Bible teaching method and time saver for a busy pastor and Bible teacher. The user-friendly format gives you the privilege to edit each lesson, handout, PowerPoint presentation and transparency. Each 3-ring binder comes complete with 5 lesson outlines, handouts, and PowerPoint presentation and transparency masters. All files come on the enclosed CD-ROM.


Prayer Principles 3 Ring Binder with CD-ROM

Pastor Mark Fogarty presents Apostolic Bible lessons that work! Five Bible-based lessons on prayer. Includes hand-outs, transparency masters, PowerPoint presentation. Just what a busy pastor needs.


Pentecost Promise 3 Ring Binder with CD

This 3 ring binder will give you the tools you need to conduct a successful attendance drive. With a plan-of-action calendar, suggested sermons, promotional materials, and CD-ROM, all writtend and developed by Pastor Mark Fogarty you are on your way to church growth.


One True God 3 Ring Binder with CD-ROM

Pastor Mark Fogarty presents Apostolic Bible lessons that work! Five Bible-based lessons on the oneness of God. Includes hand-outs, transparency masters, and PowerPoint presentation. Just what a busy pastor needs. A clear explanation of the oneness of the Godhead. Understand the Godhead and how the belief in trinity came about, and how the Bible explains the Oneness. CD-ROM enclosed in notebook with all text files.


Christian Living II, 3 Ring Binder with CD-ROM

Designed with the busy pastor in mind; Pastor Mark Fogarty presents this resource that contains five Bible-based lessons (The Marks of Spiritual Immaturity, The Importance of Prioritizing, The Importance of Renewal, The Secrets of Success, and The Three Levels of Christian Character), lesson outlines, lesson handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and transparency masters. Also contains the CD-ROM.


Christian Living I, 3 Ring Binder with CD-ROM

Pastor Mark Fogarty presents Apostolic Bible teaching that will encourage your saints to grow and mature. In our efforts to be evangelistic and aggressive, we cannot neglect the importance of sound Bible teaching. Lesson titles: Avoiding Bitterness, Biblical Praise, Consistent Giving, Good Character, and Proper Fasting. Each lesson contains lessons in detail for teacher, handouts, transparencies and PowerPoint presentation. All text files come on enclosed CD-ROM.


Fishers of Men 3 Ring Binder with CD-ROM

Pastor Mark Fogarty shares five Bible-based lessons with detailed outlines, handouts, transparency masters, and PowerPoint presentations. (Each of these resources are 100% editable.)


Gifts of the Spirit 3 Ring Binder with CD-ROM

This robust 3-ring binder produced by Pastor Mark Fogarty includes 8 detailed lessons on the gifts of the spirit. Along with PowerPoint presentations, the CD-ROM includes ready-to-print lesson handouts and transparency masters. Everything is 100% editable and user-friendly as everything in Microsoft Publisher XP, Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft PowerPoint XP. Compatible with Windows 95 or higher.


Plumb Line Principles CD Rom

This 22 lesson new convert’s course, presented by Pastor Mark Fogarty, deals with the following subjects: 3 lessons on the new birth; 1 lesson on daily prayer, 1 lesson on the Word of God and its importance daily, 5 lessons on Oneness, 4 lessons on Stewardship, and 6 lessons on Holiness.


The One True God

Written by a former Trinitarian minister whose passionate conversion led to this clear explanation of the revelation of the oneness of God! Written in accessible terminology, Pastor Mark Fogarty discusses the significance of God’s name, God’s inner nature, the progressive revelation of the name, and Jesus being both God and man. You will find his explanation of the oneness easy to understand.


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